The Journey - Part 1

So I have been asked many times by many different people how I got into concert photography. You could say that my journey started many years ago. I have been involved with music since I started playing my first instrument in 3rd grade. I have tried my hand at various instruments from the violin, trumpet, sax, drums and guitar. I think that the guitar really did it for me. Lets fast forward to about 2000-2001......I was taking guitar lessons and my teach was in a band looking for a bass player. Had I ever played the bass, well no. But when they asked if I would try out, of course I said yes. So over the course of the next 6 years or so I was involved with two different bands as the bass player. 

After the second band called it quits, I decided to take a break. Things were changing in my life ie: bought a house, got married.........kind of big stuff! While not taking to the stage, music remained a very large part of my life. After exploring some new hobbies and working some various jobs over the next few years, I landed a job at a local music store. This is where the photography starts to come into play..............

My fathers hobby is photography, so I have been exposed to it for many years. The funny thing is when I was younger, I really did not take a liking to it. I did have the typical point-and-shoot camera like everyone else. So one day my wife and I started talking about taking a vacation, a big vacation. I started thinking......if we take a big vacation, I want a nice camera to get some nice photos. Well that trip never did happen, (Others took its place) but I did get the camera!

I started taking landscape photos and trying to find events in town that I could photograph. I went to some high school ball games at first. I also started doing some model photography as well. As I started to find ways to get my work noticed, I had some photos published in a local calendar and used by a local town for their web site. I also had some work published by the Harvard Museum of Natural History at Harvard University. 

At this time, one of the bands I had played in was getting back together (not with me) and asked me to take some photos for them. So I took some studio shots for some promo stuff as well as some live photos. So now I have the bug, the concert photography bug that is! 

So how did I go from photographing my old band to working with some of the biggest name in the industry..................

That is what part 2 will be for.