The Journey - Part 2

So how did I go from photographing my old band to working with some of the biggest name in the industry.................

So my full time job is working at a local music store. One thing that we do at the store from time to time is host clinics with touring musicians. One day we got a call from Jim Riley, drummer for Rascal Flatts. They were going to be playing at the arena in town and Jim wanted to set up a drum clinic at the store the afternoon of the show. I talked to Jim and told him that I was a photographer and asked if it would be ok to take some photos during the clinic, he said that would be great. This would be my first taste of working with a big name.

Now it starts to get interesting............

While in nursing school, my wife was talking with one of her professors, and come to find out her husband was a bass player. So being a bass player myself, the two of them started talking. Soon we would all meet and things would really start to take shape.

I would meet Mark Damon, bass player for the band The Pretty Reckless. While on an off day on the road, Mark would make a stop at the music store to check it out. We talked for some time about gear and all and then started talking about clinics. He told me about another drummer that does drum clinics as well, Rich Redmond, drummer for Jason Aldean. Mark told me that I should reach out to Rich, so I went online and did just that.

Not long after, I got a reply from Rich............Jason Aldean was coming to the arena in town and Rich would love to have a clinic at the store! So we exchanged contact info and worked at setting up all the details for the clinic. As Rich and I were talking, I mentioned that I was a photographer and would like to photograph the clinic as I did with Jim Riley. Well this was not a problem, then Rich went one step even bigger......He was able to hook me up with a photo pass for the show that night at the arena. 

Ok, now the nerves start to set in. Mind you, I had never photographed a live concert in an arena, and my first was Jason Aldean. Pretty cool. Not having any formal training in concert photography, I had to figure things out real quick and for myself. There was that adrenaline rush while in the pit but a sense of ease at the same time. It felt natural and I felt at home behind the lens. Well I guess I did something right because I got some really good images! Now I had the bug, the concert photography bug that is. 

Yes......there will be a part 3!!!!